Criminal Defense Adult & Juvenile

The criminal justice system can be intimidating and terrifying for adults and juveniles alike. Attorney J. Michael Shanley has defended youths in criminal cases under the age of majority, which is 18 in most states. A skilled criminal defense attorney who is experienced in juvenile law, Attorney Shanley can defend your son or daughters constitutional rights, pursue possibilities to lessen any charges brought against them. Attorney Shanley has also successfully defended adults who may be facing criminal charges such as DUI, underage drinking, drug possession and more.

Experienced criminal lawyers understand how stressful it can be when charged with a crime. This time can be emotionally challenging and difficult for individuals to remain calm. Often times, adults or juveniles who have been arrested are uninformed or uneducated about their constitutional rights; worsening their situation due to attempts to explain themselves or answering questions brought forth to them by law enforcement officials. If you or your minor child has been charged with a criminal act in the State of Massachusetts, then contact us today for a free consultation.

Attorney Shanley will ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process. Attorney Shanley Attorney will fight for your best interest to work hard to clear your name.

Following an Arrest in Massachusetts

In the State of Massachusetts, defendants appear in a court of law for an arraignment one day after arrest. At this time, charges are formally filed and bail is determined. Additionally, the prosecutor can request the judge to set pre-trial release conditions, such as refraining from drugs and alcohol.

It is crucial to attend an arraignment with an experienced Massachusetts defense attorney. A defense lawyer protects your best interest and argues to the judge on your behalf or can negotiate with a district attorney. Many times, a defense attorney is able to influence a prosecutor’s decision to request bail by speaking with them and explaining the defendant’s situation.

Prosecutors and judges prefer minor cases to be resolved quickly. In some cases, having an attorney present at the arraignment can help remedy your case. Attorney J. Michael Shanley can assist defendants with these types of cases ensuring they receive the best results possible.

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Anyone in the State of Massachusetts can be accused of a crime, however, an experienced defense attorney can build the strongest defense possible on your behalf. In some cases, this can mean going to trial. In others, this can mean conducting a comprehensive investigation, filing motions, or exploring ways to explain your situation.

Attorney J. Michael Shanley will evaluate your case, and consider everything that led up to the offense in question. It may be that you have a justifiable excuse or have been falsely accused.

There are possible reasons or mitigating factors for the offense that should not be handled severely. Finally, the focus may be needed on who or what was involved.

When you need an experienced criminal attorney on your side, you can trust Attorney J. Michael Shanley. With over 30 years of experience and offices conveniently located in Marshfield, you can trust that you’ll receive the justice you deserve. Do not face a criminal case alone when you can utilize the knowledge and experience of the firm. Contact Attorney J. Michael Shanley to speak with him concerning an adult or juvenile matter.