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Duxbury Juvenile Criminal Attorney Duxbury Juvenile Criminal Attorney

In many cases, when a minor is charged with committing an offense, it will be processed in a juvenile court. The emphasis in youth court is usually rehabilitation in an effort to get the life of the offender back on track. Nonetheless, some penalties are more severe and a juvenile criminal conviction can bear harsh consequences in the future including a long-term detention sentence. Your goal is to help your young one get through this harrowing ordeal, with minimum long-term consequences. That is why it is vital to work with a juvenile criminal defense attorney in Duxbury MA who extensively understands the ins and outs of the juvenile system and can help reduce the impact of a juvenile criminal charge on your child’s life.

Our Approach

As a juvenile lawyer serving in Duxbury Massachusetts, we have vast experience in handling different juvenile cases in Duxbury. Our office uses a personal approach which is important to you and your minor who is facing the criminal charge. We emphasize the need to be in touch with you, keeping you informed from the very start to the finish. We will openly give you all the details pertaining to your child’s case. We will then present the options you and your child have and provides you with possible outcome scenarios of the case.

It is very possible for a young person to be prosecuted in an adult court. This depends on the nature of the offense. If you have been arrested and charged with a crime in Duxbury MA, don’t hesitate to contact us immediately.

Our Work

As juvenile lawyers, we will work tirelessly to minimize the impact of your child’s criminal charges. The evidence based on the facts or lack thereof can be a strong point in helping us to fight in a trial to get a not guilty verdict or to have all charges dismissed.

We defend minors who face different criminal charges such as:

  • Shoplifting and other petty crimes
  • Underage driving
  • Vandalism and graffiti
  • Underage drinking violations
  • Simple assault (especially due to fighting incidents)
  • Joyriding a car

Alternative Resolution

In many situations, minors are victims of different types of abuse. They may also be struggling with psychological issues. Our Duxbury juvenile defense attorney will work closely with you and your child to find the root cause of the offenses committed. Furthermore, instead of detention, we will work with the prosecutors to use other alternatives other than detention to help rehabilitate your child. Long-term solutions such as counseling can be very effective in promoting behavioral change in your child.

Rest assured when you hire our Duxbury juvenile attorney, we will work with you from beginning to end. You will not be tossed around from one inexperienced lawyer to another. We will devote our time and resources to the full-scale defense of your child. From in-court advocacy to legal motions, we will fight for your child through every legal method.

Contact us today. After reviewing your child’s case and all the pertinent facts, we will give you a candid evaluation of what you can possibly expect.